Are Sports Supplements Really Necessary? - Dr. James Geiselman
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Are Sports Supplements Really Necessary?

Are Sports Supplements Really Necessary?

By: Staff Writer

Looking to shed fat and build lean muscle? Need more energy for your workouts? Regardless of your goals, sports supplements can help. Some formulas promote muscle growth and repair. Others increase your energy and stamina, which allows you to push through those last few reps. You may also use supplements to boost your metabolism, burn fat, and preserve muscle. However, be aware that not even the best products can compensate for bad eating.

The Truth about Sports Supplements

Sports supplements are a staple in any athlete’s diet. These products may help improve physical performance, boost strength and endurance, and speed up recovery from training. They also aid in muscle building and support overall health. Their role is to complement your diet and make it easier to meet your daily nutrient requirements. Yet, most people mistakenly believe that supplements are a substitute for food.

These products can speed up your progress in the gym. Some improve your body’s ability to burn fat. Some keep your muscles in an anabolic state. Others increase vasodilatation, giving you better pumps. However, none of them can substitute for a balanced diet. If you’re binging on junk food and sugary treats, taking a pill or powder won’t make any difference.

Sports supplements are more or less effective depending on the brand and ingredients used. Some contain fillers, sugar, and preservatives that affect overall health. Thus, it’s important to check the labels and opt for a trusted brand. Since choosing a trusted supplement company is so important, we recommend the AdvoCare Performance Elite products.

Using supplements to build muscle and strength are only effective if you are eating a balanced diet. If you are not eating like you should, it is likely you are simply wasting your money on unnecessary products. Your diet is just as important as your workout routine. That is why we offer clients both a nutritional and performance review. We want to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge that will help you achieve your goals.

Are There Any Supplement Must-Haves?

Protein helps to build muscle, speeds up metabolism, curbs hunger, and prevents catabolism. Glutamine supports tissue repair and improves digestion. Creatine increases your strength and keeps your muscles hydrated. Amino acids promote recovery.

Protein powder (AdvoCare Muscle Gain or Pro-20), creatine (AdvoCare Mass Impact), BCAAs and L-glutamine (AdvoCare Catalyst and AdvoCare Arginine Extreme) are all beneficial for performance.

For greater energy, several pre-workout formulas can be beneficial. I would recommend you stick with AdvoCare’s Argentine Extreme, AdvoCare Muscle Fuel and AdvoCare Spark. To support overall health, I recommend my clients take AdvoCare Probiotics, Omega-plex (Omega-3 supplement) and CorePlex (multivitamin).

Sports supplements have their role and can bring you closer to your goals. The key is to use them with a balanced diet. Also, make sure you have a training plan that is tailored to your needs.


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