Fatty Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy - Dr. James Geiselman
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Fatty Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy

Fatty Foods That Are Surprisingly Healthy

Want to slim down and have more energy? Looking to keep your heart healthy? If so, eat more fats! Contrary to popular belief, fat is good for you. The essential fatty acids in salmon, tuna, mackerel, olive oil, and other whole foods promote weight loss and cardiovascular health. They also fight inflammation, slow the aging process, and keep hunger at bay. If you’re on a low calorie diet, eating more fats can help preserve muscle.

Feel confused? Check out these fatty foods that are surprisingly healthy:


This fruit is one of the best sources of monounsaturated fats. It’s also loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, B-complex vitamins, fiber, and potassium. When consumed regularly, it can help lower inflammation, aids in digestion, and decrease blood pressure. Eat it raw, use it in your favorite recipes, or blend it into your smoothies. Avocados can even replace mayo and sauces in most dishes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a type of saturated fat that supports optimal health. MCTs have been shown to be effective for weight loss, muscle building, appetite suppression, and immune function. Many dieters drink their morning coffee with coconut oil to curb hunger and speed up fat loss.


Egg yolks used to have a bad reputation because of their high content of saturated fat. However, modern research indicates that saturated fat is beneficial to human health. It has no impact on blood cholesterol, balances your hormones, and stimulates the release of HGH and testosterone in the body. Athletes and bodybuilders consume egg yolks to build muscle and recover faster from training. Not to mention that eggs are a fantastic source of protein and have no carbs at all!

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