Chronic Pain | Inflammation | Fibromyalgia Food Testing Dr. James
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Chronic Pain | Inflammation | Fibromyalgia

Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Fibromyalgia Food Testing Dr. James

Are you struggling with chronic aches and pains?


Been diagnosed with conditions such as osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia?



In many instances, chronic aches and pains can be linked back to inflammation.  Once you control and minimize inflammation in the body, many times you have a reduction in pain.


What many people don’t understand is that many conditions have an inflammatory component.

Conditions such as:






Heart Disease



What Causes Inflammation to Occur ?


Lack of Exercise

Poor Diet (processed foods, sugars, refined flour, etc)


Toxins in the Environment

Food Sensitivities or Allergies




How Can We Help?

If you have already been diagnosed with a condition or been to your doctor, odds are you have had

blood work done at some point in the past.


In our office, we Food Test patients.  We know from research that up to 83% of all conditions we

treat in the U.S. have a dietary component. Often times, the foods that we eat may be causing

more harm than good. The food testing Dr. James is performing can help determine what food(s) your body

may react to that may cause increased inflammation.


Once we have your test results, we provide you with a customized list of foods. Once you remove

these foods from your diet, your body can begin the healing process.




If you or a loved one is suffering and looking for answers, contact our office today to see how we can help you!

Do Not Delay –  Contact Us Today

(314) 722 – TEST




Subject: Fibromyalgia Food Testing Dr. James

The FoodTest95™ is a food sensitivity testing system (intolerance testing system0. It is important to note that this is NOT a food allergy test. It is VERY important that you understand the difference between the two.

FoodTest95™ is testing the IgG portion of your immune system. This is better known as the DELAYED immune reaction. Typically, this can be a 10-12 hour…sometimes up to 72 hour delayed response from the immune system. The time frame of a delayed reaction is simply too much to do any sort of elimination diet.

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