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Congratulations on taking control of your health!



Below you will find a link to our new client paperwork. Before we can schedule your first consultation, it is important that these forms are completed and returned to Dr. James.  These forms are very detailed and must be completely filled out in order to provide you with the best recommendations.


When you have completed all of the required forms, simply email them back to Dr. James HERE. Once we have received your payment and completed forms, we will contact you to set up your initial consultation with Dr. James. Typically, we will schedule your initial consultation 48 – 72 hours after your forms and payment have been received.



**NOTE: If you choose the TriWell option, the consultation with one of our fitness experts detailing your personalized workout will be scheduled at a later time (usually 48-72 hours).




**Special rates are available for groups, offices and sports teams.




New Patient Health History Form – Required





WeightLossIntakeForm pdf

TriWell Consent : Guidelines.pdf

Concierge / Mobile Chiropractic Forms