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Concierge / Mobile Chiropractic Care

Concierge / Mobile Chiropractic Care


Beginning in the Spring of 2017, Dr. James will begin offering Concierge / Mobile Chiropractic Care.



Concierge / Mobile Chiropractic Care


Concierge / mobile chiropractic care is a term that describes personalized chiropractic service and means that I come to you instead of having you come to a traditional chiropractic office. Concierge / mobile chiropractic care is not just for acute injuries and chronic pain. Mobile chiropractic care may also aid with increased energy, improved mental focus, stress management and quicker overall healing and recovery. Traditionally, concierge care was reserved for individuals with high demanding jobs and little time (ie: business executives, politicians, musicians/artists and professional athletes).


Due to the travel and time concierge care entails, Dr. James can only take a select number of patients. This allows him to provide the best possible care and experience for his clients. You can expect to still have access to referrals for imaging, labs, and to other specialists, as well as to the majority of services available in office such as chiropractic care, corrective exercise instruction, nutritional and wellness evaluations, as well as soft tissue work. Please note that some specialized equipment found at other chiropractic offices may not be available outside of the office setting.


What are the benefits to concierge chiropractic care? :

  • availability at non-traditional appointment times
  • convenience
  • comprehensive services for one set fee
  • a more private setting
  • continuity of care (extensive referral list and access to a personal trainer*)

Concierge care is often provided at:

  • *private residences
  • *sporting events
  • *concert /performance venues

FAQ about Concierge / Mobile Chiropractic Care:


Does my insurance pay for concierge care?

No. Maintenance and wellness care are non-covered services with most insurance plans. Dr. James does not bill insurance and as a result, the client will be billed for concierge services. Cash, check, and credit cards are all options for payment.


Can I receive concierge care if I am traveling outside of the state?

Yes and no. Dr. James is licensed to practice chiropractic in Illinois. Certain states allow chiropractors special “travel to treat” licenses to treat clients at special events. If for some reason, Dr. James is not able to receive ‘travel to treat” privileges, he has a large network of doctors that he can turn to for assistance.


Does Dr. James offer massage therapy?

No. Dr. James is not licensed massage therapist (LMT) so he cannot provide massage therapy to his clients. However, Dr. James does have training and experience in a variety of soft tissue techniques that can address particular areas of dysfunction.


Can anyone get concierge care?

Yes and no. Concierge care is not limited to the “rich and famous” although treatment outside of the clinical setting is not always appropriate. Dr. James personally reviews each case, on a case-by-case basis, to determine whether concierge care is appropriate and whether he is willing to take the client on for care.


How long is a typical appointment?

Appointment depend upon the services needed on that particular day. An average appointment will typically run 30-60 minutes.



If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to set up concierge / mobile chiropractic care, please contact Dr. James HERE

for further information.

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