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Food Sensitivity Testing

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing Dr. James


Food Allergy Vs Food Sensitivity Testing


The FoodTest95™ is a food sensitivity testing system (intolerance testing system0. It is important to note that this is NOT a food allergy test. It is VERY important that you understand the difference between the two.


So what is a true food allergy test?? A true Food Allergy test looks at the IgE portion of your immune system. This is usually an IMMEDIATE reaction. In other words, someone who is allergic to strawberries and eats a strawberry, may breakout in a rash right away. Or worse yet, a person may eat shrimp and their throat may swell shut resulting in breathing difficulties. In this instance, it may be a serious anaphylactic reaction. Again, what we are testing is NOT an IgE reaction.


FoodTest95™ is testing the IgG portion of your immune system. This is better known as the DELAYED immune reaction. Typically, this can be a 10-12 hour…sometimes up to 72 hour delayed response from the immune system. The time frame of a delayed reaction is simply too much to do any sort of elimination diet.


Food sensitivities are generally caused by an inability to digest a food and this occurs in the digestive tract and NOT the bloodstream, like an allergy.



What Conditions Can Be Helped By FoodTest95™?




Weight Loss Challenges 

When you eat foods that your immune system does not like or that your immune system “reacts” to…this results in a spike in INFLAMMATION! It is EXTREMELY hard to lose weight when you are in a state of inflammation. This is why if you are struggling to lose weight, you need to get food tested. You need to REMOVE the culprit(s) that are wrecking your immune system AND digestive system!!!




Digestive Problems (ex: IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Leaky Gut, etc)

A lot of digestive problems can be linked to a Gluten Sensitivity. In terms of leaky gut…we know that food sensitivities INFLAME the lining of the gut…causing a dysfunction in the gut lining. This causes the tight junctions in the gut to open up and this allows bacteria and other particles to “leak” into the blood stream…causing another IMMUNE RESPONSE. White blood cells come running and this becomes a vicious cycle.


Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are a common symptom for a lot of people. Research has shown migraines have an inflammatory component as well. So we MUST remove the pro inflammatory food(s). Could there be other “causes” of a migraine? Absolutely. But getting food tested should be your FIRST step!



Pain (ex: Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, etc)

The Standard American diet (SAD) is full of toxic, processed and pro inflammatory foods. People live off of fast food, carbs, soda, etc.  Sugar spikes inflammation among a lot of other things! This chronic total body systemic inflammation leads to achy joints, back pain & muscle pain. We also know that food sensitivities lead to an inflammatory response.




ADHD (Behavioral Disorders)

Research has shown a link to food sensitivities and kids who struggle with ADHD! When we remove the foods that are harming the child’s digestive system and immune system they begin to FUNCTION better. Research has shown a link to ADHD and digestive challenges which is why food testing is so critical.



What Foods Do We Test?

(Click The Link Below To View A Full 2-Page Report)






The FoodTest95™ test  includes 95 of the most commonly eaten foods using the ELISA method. Included in the test is also a Candida Albicans screening to determine if the patient has a Candida problem.







STOP Guessing With Your Health…Get Food Tested Today!!!!!




Individuals choosing this Food Sensitivity Testing option, should first contact Dr. James to make sure you are a candidate for food testing. If you are a candidate, you will need to fill out the Food Sensitivity Intake Forms and return them to Dr. James.


After your intake forms and payment have been received, Dr. James will schedule an initial 20-minute e-consultation. After you have been tested and your FoodTest95 results are received, we will schedule an additional 15-minute follow-up (approximately 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation) with you. During this follow-up, Dr. James will go over your results and will give you his recommendations.


**NOTE:  Dr. James makes every effort to schedule your initial 20-minute consultation 48-72 hours after your payment and assessment forms have been received.



If you or a loved one is suffering and looking for answers, contact our office today to see how we can help you!

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