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TriWell Weight Loss Program

TriWell Weight Loss Program

TriWell Weight Loss

Our NEW TriWell Weight Loss Program is great for individuals looking to make a positive change in their life!


The TriWell program is a 30-day program designed to help you LOSE WEIGHT get your life back on track. One of the key foundations of this program is to first identify any food sensitivities that you may have.  That is why before we start addressing your diet, we will begin by testing you to see what foods you react to.  Once we have the lab results, Dr. James will send you the lab results, along with the TriWell manual, so that you can begin your transformation.


The second foundation we want to build on is your diet. Once we have your food sensitivity results, we can begin offering personalized recommendations. For the TriWell program, we recommend a ketogenic diet. As you will see in your TriWell manual, this is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. The benefits of a ketogenic diet are well documented and additional information can be found in your TriWell manual or by contacting Dr. James.


This 40-day program is ideal for individuals ready to make a change, lose weight and live healthier lives. Not only will you receive all of the great benefits from our Food Sensitivity Testing, but by choosing the TriWell program, you will also receive a complete fitness evaluation along with a personalized workout program from one of our fitness experts.


For the TriWell Weight Loss Program, Dr. James has partnered with Jacob Tucker to provide the best possible experience for clients. Jacob was the 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Champion and is a former Harlem Globetrotter.  After leaving the Harlem Globetrotters, Jacob decided to pursue his true passion: helping others achieve optimal health through nutrition and fitness. Jacob has become one of the leading performance trainers in the nation and is now able to share his knowledge and passion with you.


For the personalized workout program portion of this package, you will be working closely with Jacob Tucker.


What is included?

  1. Initial 15-20 minute consultation
  2. Personalized Workout
  3. Follow up 15-20 minute consultation (24-48 hrs after your workout has been delivered to you).
  4. Access to email support for the length of the 30 day program



What to expect?


During the initial 15-20 minute consultation, you will go over your fitness goals, weight loss goals and any concerns you may have regarding a workout routine with one of our fitness experts.


Following this consultation, our fitness expert will create a customized workout specifically designed for you. Once it is complete, he will send it to you and schedule a follow-up consultation.


This 15-20 minute follow-up consultation is designed to ensure that you can correctly demonstrate all workout movements and so you can ask Jacob any questions that you may have.



**NOTE:  Typically each workout program is designed to be a 30-day workout routine. For the TriWell program, all workout programs are designed for a 40-day routine.  At the end of your 40 days, you should be ready for the next progression of exercises. For this, you will need to schedule an additional consultation with either Jacob or Chelsea.         ***special rates are available for returning clients***







The complete TriWell Weight Loss Program comes with the following:


1) Initial 30 – 45 minute consultation with Dr. James


2) Food Testing = 95 Foods Tested


3) Master Food List (Customized Based on Blood Work)


4) The Official TriWell Manual – (Procedure Manual / Journal / Log Book to Track Food & Results)


5) 30 Day Supply of Keto Advantage – exogenous ketones


6) 2 boxes (28 day supply) of AdvoCare Core – comprehensive nutrition system containing:

  • Each Strip Contains:
    • Calcium Plus (2)
    • Joint ProMotion™ (3)
    • CardioQ (1)
    • CorePlex® (3)
    • OmegaPlex® (2)
    • BioTune® (2)


7) Weekly video / phone conferencing appointments with Dr. James to go over your results for that week (6 total appointments).


8) Personalized Workout Program with consultation from Jacob Tucker.


9)  Staff Support and Accountability







**NOTE:  Dr. James makes every effort to schedule your initial 20-minute consultation 48-72 hours after your payment and assessment forms have been received.

As with the Food Sensitivity Testing, you will receive an initial 20-minute e-consultation with Dr. James. Once your FoodTest95 results are received, we will schedule an additional 15-minute follow-up (approximately 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation). During this follow-up, Dr. James will go over your results and he will give you his recommendations.
For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. James Send us an email here.